Valentine’s Day Recipes: How to Make Your Foods Red or Pink

Ok, now really the trick to making any food a different color is food coloring. But sometimes there is a trick that you need to think about before making a disastrous mistake. Certain food items need certain types of food coloring. That is totally the trick to making any food fabulous!

Pink Food

Using liquid food coloring is the most common and most popular method. This type of coloring is my favorite for adding to a white cake mix for creating pink or red cupcakes. Another idea is adding red liquid coloring to softened cream cheese for bagels or crackers.

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Red cream cheese adds some flare without adding strawberry flavor, which can cause allergic reactions.

But there are other food items that need something other than the liquid. One such example is making homemade white chocolates. Changing their color is a fun way to have something different, but adding that liquid food coloring will ruin a batch of chocolate in a heart beat.

So, for those who want their cute cupid candies to be blushing pink, use the powder type of food coloring. It works well for melted chocolate. I tried the liquid kind once and all the chocolate hardened right away. What a waste. So now it is strictly the powder type. Of course, the powder type will work with the above mentioned foods as well.

This powder coloring will also work wonders on milk to add a special treat for that after school snack.

So whatever your plans for Valentine’s Day, keep this food coloring tip in the front of your mind as you gather your supplies. I hope these tips save you time, money and headache! May all your Valentine Cupids be pink!

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