Review: Ped Egg

Ped Egg

Ok, I’m not a guy who goes around using products that promise to smooth out the bottoms of my feet. So, when I review the Ped Egg today, it isn’t going to be from personal use. However, I have witnessed this product and what it can do so I feel qualified to still talk about it.

My husband received this particular product as a Christmas gift from my parents after dropping hints for a couple weeks that it was something she wanted. While I have no problem with her feet, she is a person who takes great pride in her appearance and is a big fan of products like this.

When I first saw the Ped Egg on TV, I will tell you it creeped me out a bit. It looks like a cheese grater on a handle and, when they showed the woman on the commercial using this (with little bits of skin falling into a garbage can) it gave me chills. I just pictured my husband using this product, it removing all the skin from the bottom of his foot and me having to rush him and his bleeding feet to the local emergency room.

But, it turns out the Ped Egg is actually a product that works as well as it claims to; something that isn’t always the case with “made for TV” products.

Ped Egg

My husband had it for a couple days and finally took it out of the package this past weekend. He rubbed it over the soles of her feet and, just as it advertised; it took off the dry and flaky skin; leaving a layer of younger looking skin (and not a bloody mess) behind.

It was a process that took her little time, involved barely any work and was absolutely painless. When she was done, she let me feel his feet and, yes, they were silky smooth. There were no bumps or calluses and they did look younger (which, again, isn’t a big deal for me but I know it is for her).

In fact, after seeing how well the Ped Egg works, I’m thinking of buying one for myself. Yes, I know it’s a product that is designed with a woman in mind and I really don’t care about the appearance of my feet. But, I get a lot of dry skin on my heels in the winter time that ends up sticking to my socks and can see the benefits of having something like this.

If you are looking at buying this product or have a spouse or girlfriend who is interested in it, let me tell you now it is definitely worth the money.

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