Chinese Food

Everyone eats! The Chinese often refers to working as “wen shik” (in the cantonese dialect) which means look for food. To the Chinese working means strictly to feed oneself. Thus is common knowledge that Chinese everywhere explore greatly all sorts of food and well eat all stuffs too. For them food consumption goes beyond just food….it shows the affordability and status in the society follows. Simple food as well as lavishly prepared food with lots of fine and expensive ingredients had and will be the “life” of a Chinese.

Chinese Food

As complicated as it may seem in the Chinese outlook on food and its meanings, Chinese food is not difficult to prepare at all.

I will share here a few recipes for those who wish to try out…. Simple steamed chinese food. Note that ingredients such as salt, sugar, sesame oil, oyster sauce, soya sauce, garlic, ginger and ground pepper is a norm in Chinese cooking. Chinese wine from Xiao Heng province is a further need

Lets start with Prawns…….Chinese like their seafood/ fresh water fish/prawns fresh. So they like to eat its freshness, thus preparation of this item is very simple.


  1. 10 pcs of any types of prawns (cleaning is easy ….just make an incision on the top part of the prawn head top and wash out those slimy stuffs)
  2. place on a plate sprinkle some ground pepper on the dish and spinkle chopped garlic and slice ginger on top of the prawns
  3. add two teaspoon of soy sauce
  4. add one teaspoon of sesame oil
  5. add one teaspoon of chinese wine
  6. Steam the prawns over medium heat for like 15 minutes then serve


FishA Whole fish preferably fresh water fishes as not all fishes are good for steaming (cleaning a fish is by cutting open the bottom of the fish and removing the insides that does not resemble fish meat, also remove the scales and the fish’s gills)

  1. place the fish on a plate sprinkle some sliced ginger on it and steam for 15 minutes
  2. remove all water from the plate where the fish is
  3. add three tablespoon of soy sauce
  4. add chopped garlic that has been fried earler till brown
  5. add two teaspoon of chinese wine
  6. add one teaspoon of oyster sauce
  7. add a dash of ground pepper and sugar
  8. add fresh chopped green onions
  9. steam the fish again for another 10 minutes and serve


  1. Beat 3 eggs in a cup then add in two times water
  2. add one teaspoon of soy sauce
  3. add a dash of ground pepper
  4. add a dash of salt
  5. add a teaspoon of sesame oil
  6. Mix well and steam at LOW heat for 15 minutes then serve

As you try out the recipes you will note the repeat use of most ingredients and the process is quite simple. Happy cooking and if you think that my instructions are okay do comment on my writing and i will write more on other chinese cooking methods

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