About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my Healthy Cooking blog. My name is Bertha Hughes and I have created this blog to post my recipes for people who are passionate about cooking and health.

I’m living in Georgia where fast food restaurants are most popular. I know that fast food contains too much sugar and fat for our bodies and our health reserves are limited. I’m going to prove here, in my blog that you don’t need cooking talent or much money to eat healthy and great tasting food. I love healthy cooking and I believe that we can eat better, cook better and live better.

For me, healthy eating is not a way of losing weight or something like this, this is a way of everyday life.

Here, in my blog, you will find easy recipes with lots of fresh vegetables and herbs. I use little fat and sugar even in desserts. I use only clear and cheap ingredients so you can find all you need in most markets. My recipes are quick and simple, perfect for busy adults and fussy children and even a novice to cooking can follow them.